Distribution of Wild Japanese Macaques in Wakayama Prefecture: An Attempt of Population Estimation by Witness Reports at a Village

Ryo ODA, Akiko MATSUMOTO-ODA, Yasuko TASHIRO and Hiroshi IHOBE


To grasp distribution of wild Japanese macaques in Wakayama Prefecture, we tried a method of witness report by local people in a village. The study site was Nakatsu Village in Wakayama Prefecture, where actual damages to crops by wild Japanese macaques had been reported. We interviewed local people who engaged in agriculture and asked to report appearance of Japanese macaques during a month by filling a form. Forty seven forms were distributed and 29 of them returned, and 48 cases of witness were obtained. We estimated the distribution of Japanese macaque troops in this village by using those reports and the results of interview. The degree of precision of this witness report is not clear and further intensive studies are necessary to apply this method to broader area.

Primate Research, 16: 23-28 (2000)

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