Non-antagonistic Relations Between Wild Bonobos and Two Species of Guenons

Hiroshi IHOBE


Interspecific relations between wild bonobos (Pan paniscus) and two species of guenons (Cercopithecus wolfi and C. ascanius) were studied at Wamba in the Central Zaire Basin from September 1989 to January 1990. Data on the guenons were collected while following parties of bonobos or when searching for them. The guenons were observed directly 59 times during the study period. In about half of these observations, the guenons were found within 20 m from the bonobo parties. The encounters between the bonobos and the guenons sometimes lasted over an hour. The guenons mainly initiated the encounters by approaching the bonobos. During the encounters, no aggressive interactions were observed between the bonobos and the guenons. Evidence of hunting by wild bonobos has been restricted to small mammals, and there has been no evidence of hunting of primates by wild bonobos. These findings and the results of the present study strongly suggest that wild bonobos do not hunt sympatric primates.

Key Words: Interspecific relation; Pan paniscus; Cercopithecus wolfi; Cercopithecus ascanius; Hunting.

Primates, 38: 351-357 (1997)

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